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Everyone still thinks women’s place is in the kitchen, including middle class white women who are supposed to be over that; we would all be better off if everyone gave a shit about families other than their own.


Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Columbia University.

this tumblr page bought me back after a 6 + week break, hello everybody and hope all is well with you, if you are doing higher education check out “lolmythesis” tumblr - it is a one word summary of peoples thesis’s, hours of enjoyment.

if you access any online porn sites you have to come to the conclusion that men don’t want real women, they want a life like android with a vibrating vagina, and a vacuum cleaner for a mouth.


The incredible #GloriaSteinem to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom tomorrow! The highest civilian honor… #womensmovement


The incredible #GloriaSteinem to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom tomorrow! The highest civilian honor… #womensmovement

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Transgender Activists plan protest against Day of Remembrance for Women Murdered in the L’Ecole Polytechnique Massacre


wow. fuck this shit.

but they don’t hate women, they are women….
i am terribly sadden by this

trappedinpiss asked: google search photoset "feminists want equality" or some stupid shit. oh sorry, i forgot, radfems don't like the idea of equality, they want to "dismantle the patriarchy" and replace it with a matriarchy, right? what a great idea! equality is an idealistic fantasy only for faggots and niggers! BURN ALL MEN. P.S. none of the people that send you anon hate are my "mates" (i'm actually an INDIVIDUAL human being), so why don't you get a "misandry 4 life" tattoo and then promptly swallow a bullet?

please post proof that i have made any public statements that you are attributing to me.  please show me where i send hate mail to MrA’s, look at the hate you are hitting me with based on my association with radical feminism,  un-fucking-believable.  hypocrisy in spades and your grading is about to hit an F… your trolling lacks any reality, and  doesn’t engage me.  you need try harder, find the thing that hits me below the belt, at the moment your just fishing and you have the wrong fucking bait.

Gloria Steinem Awarded Medal of Freedom


"I don’t think there is such a thing as a feminist icon. I guess it just means that you’re recognizable, which for me was just an accident. If I was a physicist or astronaut or mechanic, I would be just as much a feminist." - Gloria Steinem, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom today

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Anonymous asked: do you speak african?


africans dont speak african. americans dont speak american. asians dont speak asia. uncivilized goat